Government has Released Further Advice Combat Against COVID 19 
The government has provided information to help companies create new safe working procedures and management of risk assessments for the combat of COVID 19 when returning back to work. These booklets contain advice on how to set up workplaces, work spaces, welfare facilities and provide a whole host of other information to help companies get it right to fight this disease whilst getting business back on track.  
The guidance can be found here : 
Please give SafeAid UK Limted a call if you need assistance with getting these procedures in place and risk assessments completed. 
Mob: 0779 538 5380 
At SafeAid UK Limited we are very keen to make sure that our clients have all the resources for making sure that the workforce is fully trained and updated. From a full library of online courses to full on site training, we really are the number one choice for supporting companies for training facilities and complying with their responsibilities.  
This month we have introduced Mental Health Awareness and Food Safety Level 5. Please do check out the courses information.  
For more information and access to the training portal, please go to our training page were you can create a new account. 
Mob: 0779 538 5380 
New COVID-19 guidelines have been realeased to the existing Construction Leadership Council safe site operating procedures. 
Detailed government advice for construction sites can be found here: 
The guidance provides a framework to get the UK back to work in a way that is safe for all construction workers. 
The government has released practical steps to enable companies to identify risks that Covid-19 creates and to be able to combat against and create measures to control them. 
Clear rules on the next steps in the fight against Coronavirus COVID 19 
In hope of further restrictions being lifted over the coming weeks, companies should now start make plans for getting back to work. SafeAid UK Limited can help with making those plans. Under strict conditions we will attend premises to survey the work areas, access and egress arrangements and include welfare, kitchens etc. It is important to understand that we should look at the conditions set before us and come up with a planned approach to protect all persons, workers, and the general public when it comes to making these plans. Some alterations are going to be required, but we can do this easily by carrying out the survey. SafeAid UK Limited has written full procedures and arrangements specially for getting businesses moving again. We have created these documents with precautions in place and in line with the scientific evidence, medical advice, and the government recent revised instructions. 
If you need assistance in making plans, then please make contact: 
Mob: 0779 538 5380 
Time after time workmen are still taking risks when working at client homes. If you have work carried out at your home, please do not allow workmen to use unsafe equipment, tools or machinery. If your concerned, please call SafeAid UK Limited based in Colchester Essex and we will assist with providing advice. 
Call 0779 538 5380 now ! 
Check out our new services for Tier One & Two Safety Management Systems at 
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