About Us 

SafeAid UK provides professional no nonsense services and assistance to indivduals, sole traders and companies for Health & Safety. What we dont do is provide weak policies, useless generic risk assessments and method statements that do not relate to your company activities and hope you'll get by.  
We listen to what you need and develop bespoke systems for managing Health & Safety. We listen to your professional knowledge and experienece to create specific information to make sure the company is working at its optimum within Health & Safety regulations laid down by law. 
Whatever your sector, we will discuss with you fully what is required by law and how to acheive safe systems and best practice. With our help we can help turn your business into a modern, efficient, compliant successful business that is second to none when it comes to the Health & Safety of your employees and company.  
By being up to date, current and compliant, your business will operate more safely, efficiently and professionally if managed correctly. Our goal is to make that happen. 
We strive to create the best solutions for your company needs and future plans. By developing risk analysis management systems or full management systems that effectively control your company and provide guidance within legislation, we can help you grow your company into a professional, respected market leader with the right mind set towards Health & Safety and protection of your company and your workforce. 
Speak to one of our advisors now, to see how we can help your business be the best!